Although our country is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, times are changing and we at American Architectural Glass, Inc. are committed to offering our customers the latest available technology that will lessen the carbon footprint on our environment.

Our suppliers and manufacturers take this very seriously, as we all should, and are constantly improving products that American Architectural Glass, Inc. are proud to offer.

The main objective is to keep occupied spaces warm in the winter and cold in the summer by using less energy. This can easily be achieved by high performance coated glass, thermo-break aluminum storefront framing members, sunshades, entry area vestibules, automatic entries, and revolving doors.

Existing buildings can also become much more efficient and lower their monthly bills by taking advantage of products that American Architectural Glass, Inc. offers to its clients.

AAG, Inc. is also involved in programs that recycle old removed materials and purchase new products made from recycled materials.